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Pregnancy Testing of Sheep

Using ultrasound scanning technology is a proven, stress-free and accurate method of determining whether ewes are pregnant, and if so, how many lambs they are carrying.

We recommend that you scan ewes within 95-100 days of the date the ram was introduced, and within 45 days of the date the ram was withdrawn.

  • To get the most accurate results the ewes should be brought in the day before the scan and held overnight in a yard so that they have been off grass for at least 6 hours.

What We Bring

We bring all of the equipment required to do the scanning:

  • A special scanning crate and Prattley panels that we can connect to the end of your race or set up in your woolshed.
  • An automatic three-way pneumatic drafting system that we attach to the front of the crate so that you can draft off dries, twins etc as soon as each ewe has been scanned, saving you from double handling at a later. (this is optional depending upon what diagnostic option you have chosen).

An invertor generator to provide our own power, so we can set up our equipment anywhere on your property (you may wish us to scan different mobs in different locations)  

Sheep Scanning - Pregnancy Testing of Sheep

What You Need to Provide

You will need to provide enough staff to:

  • Bring in the ewes to be scanned and keep them flowing through the race.
  • Mark each ewe (as required) after it is scanned.
  • Have enough water for the scanning equipment (about 20 litres per 1,000 sheep).

In our experience 2-3 staff is generally enough.

You will also need to provide spray or chalk for marking the scanned ewes.

Available Diagnostic Options

You can choose one of the following options:

  • All triplets, twins, singles and dries.
  • Percentage of triplets (the Scanner will call the triplets that are easily seen - this option usually picks up around 60% of triplets), plus all twins, singles and dries.
  • All twins, singles and dries.
  • Wet or dry.

In addition you can also choose to diagnose:

  • Lates (the Scanner will identify late lambing ewes based on the date that you specify);


  • Cycles (the Scanner will identify ewes according to the 17 day division in which they became pregnant).

If you want us to assign ewes into categories other than those described above (e.g. cycles less than 17 days), please tell us your specific requirements at the time you get a free quote or book a scan.

Booking a Scan

If you would like to receive a free quote before booking a scan, you can get a free quote here.

If are ready to go ahead with your booking you can book a scan here. Before your booking is finalised we will always contact you to establish the date that works best for both of us and confirm the cost.



We use ultrasound scanning technology to test for pregnancy in livestock.

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