WRS Livestock Scanning Services

Our Team

We have an experienced team of Scanners who are passionate about providing you with timely and accurate livestock scanning services.

The joint owners of the company, Chris Spark and Steve Rosa, both work full-time as members of the scanning team:

Chris Spark - Managing Director
NZ Sheep Breeding Association Accredited Muscle Scanner
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 027 218 0036


Steve Rosa - Director
Email: [email protected]

Our Scanners cover all areas of the North Island:

Steve Rosa
Bernie Ward
Wesley Cave

Chris Spark
Jim Sharratt
Iain Burgon
Robert Garth
Rhys Howatson
Hawkes Bay
Hawkes Bay
Lower North Island



In our Napier-based office we have Ann O'Connor and Trudi Dawson. Ann takes all bookings, deals with all customer enquiries and arranges the work schedule for our Scanners. Trudi takes care of the company's administration and can help you with any accounts enquiries.



We use ultrasound scanning technology to test for pregnancy in livestock.

Sheep Cattle Goats Deer


Scanning Sheep to Determine Eye Muscle Area and Fat Depth.
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If are ready to go ahead with your booking you can book a scan online.
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