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Q:What's the optimum time frame for scanning livestock for pregnancy?

A:For sheep and goats: between 95 and 45 days after mating.
For cows: between 95 and 42 days after mating.
For deer: 70 days or more after mating.

Q:What's the optimum time frame for muscle scanning?

A:All recorded sheep should have their live body weight recorded at 200 days. Muscle scanning is therefore usually undertaken at this time, somewhere between mid February and the end of April.

Q: How many sheep can be scanned in an hour?

A:This depends upon the diagnostic option you have chosen and the breed of sheep being scanned (some being more docile than others), but as a rough guide you can expect our Scanner to be able to scan between 300 and 600 sheep an hour.

Q:What equipment do you bring?

A:We bring all of the equipment needed to do the actual scanning (i.e. the external probes for sheep, goats & deer, and rectal lances for cows), plus a crate for putting at the front of your race (for pregnancy scanning of sheep & goats, and muscle scanning of sheep). We also bring a pneumatic automatic drafting system that fits on the front of the crate, should you require this. All of our equipment is Prattley-compatible.

Q:What do I need to provide?

A:The only thing you need to provide is staff to manage the animals being scanned, and your preferred option for marking (i.e. spray or chalk).

Q:How many staff will I need to have available when you visit?

A:For pregnancy scanning of sheep & goats we recommend that you provide 2-3 staff (one will need to stand by the crate to mark each animal as it is scanned).
For pregnancy scanning of cows we recommend you provide 1 or 2 staff.
For pregnancy scanning of deer we recommend that you provide at least 1 or 2 staff member.
For muscle scanning of sheep we recommend that you provide 2 staff.

Q:How accurate is your scanning?

A:We aim for accuracy of at least 96%.

Q:How much will it cost?

A:We charge on the basis of cents per head, so the total cost will depend upon the number of animals you get scanned, and the diagnostic options you choose. We don't charge mileage or set-up fees. Please feel free to get a free quote.

Q:I have only a small flock of about 100 sheep - do you cater for such small numbers?

A:Yes, for a flock of this size we would charge a flat fee of $100 plus GST.



We use ultrasound scanning technology to test for pregnancy in livestock.

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