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Pregnancy Testing of Deer

Using ultrasound scanning technology is a proven, stress-free and accurate method of determining whether hinds are pregnant, and if so, how many fawns they are carrying.

We use external probes to scan hinds for pregnancy, so this means that the scanning has to be done at least 2 months after the hind was introduced to the stag in order for the foetus to be visible.

What We Bring

We bring all of the equipment required to do the scanning:

  • An external probe for passing under each hind and a scanning panel for reading the results. (Note that we use only an external sheep probe, i.e. not a rectal probe).
  • An invertor generator to provide our own power, so we can set up our equipment anywhere on your property (you may wish us to scan different mobs in different locations).

If you don't have a crush then we can scan the hinds either two at a time through the weigh pen, or you can put four at a time into a small pen.

What You Need to Provide

You will need to provide enough staff to:

  • Bring in the hinds and manage them.
  • Mark each hind (as required) after it is scanned.

In our experience 1 staff member should be enough.

You will also need to provide spray or chalk for marking the scanned hinds.

Available Diagnostic Options

The only diagnostic option we offer for hinds is Wet/Dry.

Booking a Scan

If you would like to receive a free quote before booking a scan, you can get a free quote here.

If are ready to go ahead with your booking you can book a scan here. Before your booking is finalised we will always contact you to establish the date that works best for both of us and confirm the cost.



We use ultrasound scanning technology to test for pregnancy in livestock.

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If are ready to go ahead with your booking you can book a scan online.
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